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What is Orienteering?

Orienteering started mid 19th century in the Scandinavian army environments, as they were using it for training purpose.

Orienteering is a sport where people use a specific map and a compass to find their way with the objective of reaching controls in a determined order, which forms the route. The map used shows the difficulties of moving onto the site.

As a hobby, orienteering is more of a nature surrounded activity, with family or friends, as a treasure hunt / walk looking for controls.

As a competition, it’s an individual timed circuit on a course adapted to everyone’s level. French use 6 coloured levels: Green (very easy), Blue (easy), Yellow (average), Orange (difficult), Purple (very difficult), Black (extreme), to suit everyone’s level including kids (limit of age following the DJS advice).

Different Types of Orienteering

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